Academic Advising

A component of our Comprehensive Student Success Program was required advising with a faculty or staff member for students that scored below a 70% on the first exam in Introductory Biology I or II. Academic advising provides one-to-one contact. This is especially important in large enrollment lecture courses where it is easy for students to feel unengaged and unnoticed.

It sends the message we are paying attention to your performance. We expect you to succeed. We will help you reach your goal but you, the student, will have to be an active participant in the process and make changes to your time management and study habits. Evidence from the literature suggests advising works. Students are asked to fill out the Academic Self-Assessment form below prior to the advising session. The advising team uses the form to guide the advising session. The advising team receives the Advisor Instruction Sheet with suggestions on content to share with the student during the advising meeting. Students receive a copy of the Tips for Success in Biology sheet to take with them after the meeting. It provides a hard copy of much of what is typically discussed in an advising meeting so that students have something to refer back to later and a reminder of helpful study habits covered.

Academic Advising Materials